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My name is George Heake, the founder of Mojomap Innovation Lab. The original concept, behind MojoMap, started with a project I started while I was working at the Institute on Disabilities and the Center for Preparedness Education Research (CPREP) at Temple University, in Philadelphia. Where I was Disaster Reponse Coordinator and Director of Special Operations, respectively. The focus of my work was emergency preparedness and disaster reponse, recovery, mitigation and planning for at risk and vulnerable populations.

Shortly after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, I became very interested in use of GIS and mapping of vulnerable populations and the relation of accessible transportation and accessible shelters. I learned of a GIS tool developed at Argonne National Lab in Chicago, called the Special Population Planner (SPP). I had the very good fortune of connecting with Ed Tanzman and Jim Kuiper who were on team developed the tool at Argonne. This initial collaboration led me to start the collaboration project SPAR-GIS, Special Population Analysis and Research with GIS. Over a weekend, I had over 75 people join the listserv who were interested in collaborating in sharing ideas around using GIS to prepare and protect at risk population and people with functional needs.

That led to holding the 2nd CrisisCamp, and to the best of my knowledge was the only one focused on at risk populations and people with disabilities. The feeling and power of this collaboration has stayed with me for many years. And it is this feeling that has led to starting the Mojo Map Innovation Lab.

My vision for the lab is to gather people that believe in the power of collaboration. The project will gather people both with skills and just the desire to help find solutions for at risk populations and individuals needing assistance, relating to accessibility, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation relating to emergencies, disaster and the overall quality of life.




  • Our Mission

    • As it relates to At Risk Communities our mission at the Mojo Map Innovation Lab is to foster and create change with collaborative innovation with At Risk Data Analytics. Our primary areas of focus will be:
      Disaster Preparedness & Response and
      Strategic Community Outreach

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